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Image of Nightbus


Nightbus is Newcastle after dark, the stories that can’t bear to be seen on the cold light of day.

In the long awaited, third instalment of the Geordie crime fiction series, we rejoin Conrad and César as the police circle in on their nocturnal pursuits. Is this the end of the road for the guardians of Newcastle’s student population? Breaking with the mould of the previous issues’ A5 size, Nightbus 3 comes at standard US comic book size with full colour covers and black and white interiors.

If you're new to the world of Nightbus, you can catch up with the previous issues. Join Conrad and César making the streets a slightly less uncomfortable place in Album 1, or follow the tale of an unconventional love triangle in Album 2.

Nightbus 3 is available for only £3.00 and you can pick up the first issues of Nightbus for £1.50 each or together at the reduced price of £2.00

If you prefer, you can pick up pdf versions of the Nightbus series at our Comicsy site.